Cove – Angel Child (2017)

From the snow capped Rocky Mountains to the Prairies of the Heartland and into Music City soars Nashville’s newest songbird Cove.  Born Justin Cover Dunning, Cove aka Cōvergeist 家庭家族가족  gets his artist name from his grandmother’s maiden and married name, (Cover and Geist respectively).
Cove started his music career working for Mark Greenwood (Garth Brooks) at Quad Studios, home to such artists as Taylor Swift, 2Pac and The Mavericks.
Cove went on to work with Cherry Sound Records in Denver Colorado to create the albums “One More Night” and “Angel Child”.  His first single “Whiskey Weed and Women” garnered 25,000 radio spins and even a tweet by Alec Baldwin.  This led to Cove opening for acts like Old Dominion, LoCash, Parmalee and The Band Perry.
After finishing Angel Child in 2017 he was inspired by Scot Michaels (Kenny Chesney) to give Nashville another try…
“Ive always pictured myself in an old spaghetti western as a cowboy sailing into the sunset, so whether or not my music sounds “Country” to others…it is… I love all genres of music and I like the challenge of melting them together… but in the end my music is named for my grandparents and based upon family values and America … And in the end that is what “Country Music” is, America’s Format.”

Cove – One More Night (2014)

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